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Our 2015-2016 mission of the Broussard Middle Library is to enable students and teachers to become lifelong learners through effective library usage in areas of recreational reading and research techniques. The BMS library's theme is "Wild about Books: Students and Parents Reading," displaying this sentiment with safari decor. You are invited at any time to visit our beautiful facility!


Summer Reading 2015

Students are encouraged to participate in our summer reading program. The school library will be open on June 16, 30, and July 14 from 10AM-2PM for students to take AR tests. Points earned on these tests will be credited towards students' first nine weeks AR goal. 


LEF Reading Grant  

This year, as a result of another Louisiana Education Foundation school impact grant, BMS will be pleased to invite students and parents to participate in two Family Reading Safari Nights and six book breakfasts. The safari events feature paired reading of books chosen by students and their parents and provided by the library. The nights will be scheduled in November. These optional free events will include AR testing, book discussions, videos of students and staff, refreshments, door prizes, and special guests. Six book breakfasts  will also be offered. These optional free events will feature selected novels to be discussed by students, and parents will be welcomed. Invitations will go out to any child (with his/her parents) who scores an 85% or better on the corresponding AR test. For more information on LEF, go to


 AR and STAR

 BMS utilizes the STAR (Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading) and AR (Accelerated Reader) Renaissance Place programs to improve reading comprehension. At the beginning of the year, students take the STAR test to determine their reading level. The AR Renaissance Place software allows students to test on any book for which the company has a test; there are currently more than 124,000 available! (To learn if a test is available for a book you wish to read, simply go to and type the title into AR Bookfinder.) Each six weeks, the library awards readers who excel in the AR program with an AR Dress Down Day; and at the end of the year, they are recognized at the Awards Day program. This recognition is based on both points (at least 20) and percentage scores (at least 85%) on tests.


 Louisiana Young Readers' Choice

Our fifth-eighth graders are again encouraged to take part in the Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Award contest whereby they can vote for their favorite book from a list of 10 or 15 nominees. To encourage participation, Mrs. Smith will give STAND dollars to students who pass AR tests on these books. Students should have read a minimum of three of these titles to be eligible to vote; the voting each year ends February 1. See the library media specialist for a list of nominated titles.


Library Legacy

The library would like to remind the BMS family of a program called the Library Legacy project. Families are encouraged to purchase library books for BMS as living memorials to honor relatives and friends. This is a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth. (Contact Mrs. Smith at school or by e-mail to request a list of titles.) We will place a bookplate in each donated book as a reminder of the donor and the honoree, along with the date of the donation. We hope everyone will want to participate in the improvement of our book collection in this way!



Our library fundraisers this year include collection of Campbell's and Community Coffee UPC barcodes and used computer cartridges (any kind except fax machine), and pen and pencil sales. Campbell's product barcodes with Campbell's Kid Logo and Community Coffee UPCs should be turned in to students' homeroom teachers. (Note that Campbell's full labels are no longer accepted!)The deadline for turning in Community Coffee barcodes to homeroom teachers is January 25. The winning homeroom will be treated to a pizza party at the end of the year, and students who turn in bulk labels can earn STAND dollars for their efforts. Used cartridges can be sent to the school library for deposit. Please solicit involvement of relatives, friends and business contacts to contribute labels and cartridges to BMS! In addition, assorted pencils are sold in the library for 25 cents each, and our pen machine dispenses pop-a-point pens for 50 cents.


Partners in Education

Our school is currently in need of Partners in Education for the 2015-2016 school year. We are especially interested in businesses in the Broussard area and/or associated with students who attend our school. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Pham are coordinating this effort. If you are interested in knowing more about this program, please contact the school library at 521-8875.

More news on other library activities will follow. If I can help you in any way, please e-mail me and I will contact you. Thank you!