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Myrtle Place

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                                               Going for the Gold  

                         Faculty and Staff

Last Name               First Name                    Position

   Boudreaux                         Ginger                                      Resource

   Champagne                       Angela                               Library Clerk

   Charles                               Mary                                        Custodian

   Charles                               Showanna                                          I.S.S

   Dautreuil                           Diane                                 Para-Educator

   Landgrave                         Mary                                Pupil Appraisal

   Johnson                            Shannon                               Social Worker

   Domec                                Brian                            Special Education

   Dumond                             Joleah                                         Librarian

   Girouard                            Kimberly                                  Counselor

   Haith                                  Ashley                               Para-Educator

   Hargroder                         William                              Para-Educator

   Hopkins                             Rebecca                                       Cafeteria

   Lamartina                          Dustin                                Para-Educator

   Langlanais                        Elizabeth                                           Tutor

   Moss                                Mary                        Gifted and Talented

   Leblanc                              Jane                                                 Speech

   Louise-Marie                    Jimmy                                 French/Music

   Loupe                                Clifford                                               Band

   Mouton                             Myra                                     Adapted P.E.

   Neef                                  Pamela                                               Tutor

   Raggio                              Chantel                                 Para-Eductor

   Richard                            Cynthia                                            Speech

   Robinson                          Jennifer                         Clerical Assistant

   Romero                             Damon                                                  P.E.

   Siner                                  Darlene                                        Cafeteria

  Thompson                        Shelly                                                     RTI

   Vallier                               Tiffany                                         Secretary

   Bonnet                          Ungelita                        Cafeteria Manager

   Williams                           Junis                                          Custodian

   Wimberly                        Robyn                     Instructional Strategist