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Northside High School
English Department
Summer Reading 2014-2015


Summer Reading Initiative

Northside High School encourages an interest and habit of reading; therefore, we have devised an enjoyable yet challenging summer reading initiative for our students.   In order for students to maintain reading growth achieved during the school year and further develop independent reading skills, they must continually practice.   For this reason, we are requiring students to continue the practice of reading throughout the summer.  The texts selected will be included within our units of study during the academic semester.  Students should be sure to have thoroughly read each text required; however, we encourage them to challenge themselves to exceed the requirement. 


Reading Goals

Click on the link to see the novel list.

English II

English II-Regular                Select one novel from the list of three

English II-AP                        All three novels are required


English III

English III-Regular               A Life for a Life ONLY

English III-AP                       All three novels are required


English IV 

English IV-Regular               Family Ties ONLY

English IV-AP                       Invisible Man and The Sun Also Rises


Additional Information

· Pre-AP and AP students are encouraged to purchase copies of the texts so that annotations can be made directly onto the text.    See your Pre-AP/AP teacher for annotation guidelines (and books, if needed).

· Each Pre-AP and AP English teacher has additional assignments to accompany the Summer Reading texts.  Students are required  to complete each assignment which may be found on the school’s website:

· Regardless if a students’ English class is first semester or second semester, students are still required to complete the Summer Reading and accompanying assignments.

· The Jefferson St. branch of the public library has copies of the NHS Summer Reading list and texts.