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2014-2015 Lafayette Parish Schools Dress Code

In accordance with RS 17:416.7, the Lafayette Parish School Board has adopted the following dress code.  All students enrolled in Lafayette Parish schools must wear uniforms as described below and follow guidelines that regulate these uniforms, hair, jewelry, book bags and general appearance. The guidelines set forth are designed to:

• Promote school safety.

• Minimize distractions and disruptions which are based on personal appearance, conduct, grooming, hygiene, and attire and which might interfere with the education of other students.

• Prevent clothing, jewelry and general appearance that constitute a health or safety hazard to the student or is suggestive or indecent.

• Foster an attitude of respect for authority, improve morale and prepare students to enter the work force that often has rules regarding dress, conduct and appearance.

2014-15 Dress Code (Adobe)