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N.P. Moss Extracurricular Activities and Sponsors
NP Moss is proud to offer its students a wide variety of sports, extracurricular activities, and student services in an effort to enhance the learning experience for all it students. For more information about any of our extracurricular activities, please speak with one of the sponsors listed below.
  • Basketball - Jason Hadley/Amanda Henry
  • Football - Jason Hadley, Aaron Duhon
  • Track - Jason Hadley/Amanda Henry, Virginie Vanoverberg, Arezki Hamdi
  • Volleyball - Amanda Henry, Connie Melancon, Justine Prudhomme
Extracurricular Activities
  • Beta - Marisha James, Monica Jones, Brenda Harmon
  • Cheer Squad - Angela Griffith
  • Drumline - Matt Shumaker, Tracey Elliot, Melanie Harrington
  • Heat Team - Nicole Melancon, Kelly Barras
  • Library Club - Sandra Lazare, Lisa Dixon
  • Newspaper - Jennifer Junot, Emily Conn
  • STEM Club - Patti Garbarino, Ricky Latiolais, Monica Jones, Shannon Buller, Justine Prudhomme
  • STEM/Robotics - Ricky Latiolais, Virginia Robinson, Patti Garbarino
  • Student Council - Amy Graham, Melanie Milazzo, Connie Melancon
  • Yearbook - Emily Conn, Nathan Champagne, Sandra Lazare
Student / Parent Services
  • Assemblies - Melanie Harrington, Katie Champagne, Nathan Champagne
  • Home Visits - Melanie Harrington, Melanie Milazzo, Brenda Harmon
  • PTO - Katie Champagne, Melanie Milazzo, Sandra Lazare