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LHS Court Guidelines
No Student can be King or Queen more than once during the current year.
(exception:  Mr. or Miss LHS)
Only Seniors are eligible to be Kings and Queens

Homecoming Guidelines
The Lafayette High Homecoming court is composed of 15 senior girls.  Any senior girl interested in being on the homecoming court submits her name for consideration. The court is chosen by the junior and senior classes.  The queen and maids are chosen by the varsity football team.  Girls are required to have a 2.0 Cumulative GPA based on their junior year transcript and must have been an active member of 2 clubs or organizations last year.  Girls must currently be a member in good standing in 2 clubs or organizations. One must be extracurricular (you are not receiving credit)  Band is considered one club (Sports count as one organization; athletics)  Girls may not have more than 1 minor infraction**for the current year and may not have any major infractions.
Miss Merry Christmas Court
Each club can elect a sweetheart and beau.  Classes choose2 sweethearts and beaus. All sweetheart and beaus chosen must have a 2.0 GPA and no more than 2 minor infractions**, no suspensions, and no F's on their report cards.  The fee assessed will be $25 per sweetheart and beau.  The Homecoming Queen is not eligible to be Miss Merry Christmas, but can be a runner-up.  (4th runner up will be the freshman with the most votes, 3rd runner-up will be the sophomore with the most votes, 2nd runner-up will be the junior with the most votes, 1st runner-up will be the senior with the second most votes and Queen & King (Miss Merry Christmas / Mr. Happy New Year) will be the seniors with the most votes.)
Sadie Hawkins Court
The student body nominates boys from any class for the Sadie Hawkins Court.  The king and runners-up will also be chosen by the student body.  Boys must not have more than 2 minor infractions** and must have a 2.0 GPA for the current year and no F's as six weeks grades.  The senior with the most votes will be king.  See Miss Merry Christmas for runner-ups.  (Mr. Happy New Year is ineligible to be the King, but can be a runner-up.)
Prom Court - Mr. and Miss LHS Court
Seniors must have a 2.5 GPA for the current school year and may not have any F's as six weeks grades on the current year report card.  *Seniors must have been an active member of two(2) clubs or organizations.  One must be extracurricular (you are not receiving credit)  Band is considered one club.  participation in more than one sport is one club, athletics.  ALL co-curricular classes count as one club.  Seniors may not have accumulated more than 2 minor infractions** nor have been suspended at the time of the nominations.  Students are nominated by the senior class and the faculty.  (Faculty nomination counts for 50%).  Mr. and Miss LHS are voted on by the junior and senior class and the faculty.
**Minor infractions result in behavior clinic as a consequence.  Discipline center is an in-school suspension and therefore is not a minor infraction.  Any major infractions* occurring after the court member is chosen  results in his/her immediate removal.
*Official LHS Sports, Clubs and Organizations are listed on page 23-26 of this book.