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All of our school wide expectations are based on our motto "Ridge Roadrunners are Responsible, Respectful, and Safe."  The expectations for each area of our school (bathroom, cafeteria, hallway, classroom, etc.) are posted at that area and when students follow those expectations they are rewarded with praise and Roadrunner Bucks. 

What is PBIS?
Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) provides a positive and effective alternative to the traditional methods of discipline and gives teachers a new way to think about behavior. We correct negative behaviors with positive rewards. Students who display great behavior may receive Roadrunner Bucks as well as help their class earn a Blue Ribbon.
What are Roadrunner Bucks?
Students may receive a Roadrunner Buck any time they are caught displaying great behavior. Bucks can be redeemed for prizes at the end of each month at the Roadrunner Store. We have our Roadrunner Store the last Tuesday of every month.  Students can spend their Roadrunner Bucks on toys and prizes in the store. Students may also use bucks to buy special rewards throughout the year, such as tickets to wear their favorite sports jersey, jeans, or sunglasses.
What are Blue Ribbons?
Blue Ribbons are earned by a class for displaying great behavior as a whole group. When a class receives a ribbon, everyone in the room gets a Roadrunner Buck. We count the ribbons at the end of the month and reward the class that has the most ribbons with popsicles or jean day.
Are there any other PBIS rewards?
In addition to the Roadrunner Store, there are many PBIS activities throughout the year. Students who do not receive any discipline infractions will be rewarded every 4 1/2 weeks, as well as at the end of each 9 weeks.

We do a monthly PBIS Blitz.  We are targeting the 7 Habits and reward students with Roadrunner Bucks spontaneously if they have demonstrated the habit that day.

At the end of the school year there will be a celebration for any student who receives no discipline infractions for the entire year.
We are having a PBIS Carnival with face painting, snowballs, popcorn, dunking booth, games and much more.
 The Dates and Events are:
*Mid 9 week rewards can be bought with $10 in Roadrunner Bucks.

1st 9 weeks:  September 11, 2016 -

2nd 9 weeks:  December 2,, 2016 - Free Dress

3rd 9 weeks:  February 2, 2017 -  Mardi Gras Dress

4th 9 weeks: April 28, 2017 - Dill and Chill


*9 week rewards are for students who do not receive any major or minor infractions for the whole 9 weeks (everyone starts over with a clean record every 9 weeks).

1st 9 weeks: November 4, 2016 - Extra Recess

2nd 9 weeks: January 13, 2017 - Just Dance

3rd 9 weeks: March 24, 2017 - Crazy Hair

4th 9 weeks; May 19, 2017 - Comfy dress/Carnival


End of the Year Activity:

Date and Activity to be determined later.



***ALL of our PBIS prizes and activities are funded by our Box-Tops collections.