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Mrs. Monica Guillory from Broussard Middle School has inspired me. Mrs. Guillory is a 5th grade Social Studies teacher at Broussard Middle School. She helps everyone with their problems. She also loves and treats everyone with the same amount of respect all of the time. Mrs. Guillory was one of the main people who inspired me this year to do my best in everything I do. I am also the 5th grade student of the year, and Mrs. Guillory and my dad were my inspirations. Mrs. Guillory also teaches in fun but very educational ways. She plays games with the class to help us study. If we are not doing well in her class, she will encourage us to do our best and to try harder.

Mrs. Monica Guillory is a real inspiration to not only me but probably almost every student at Broussard Middle School.

Submitted by:
Heather Huffman- A fifth grade student at Broussard Middle School