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Group Health Benefits

The Group Health Plan of the Lafayette Parish School System is a self-funded plan whose claims are administered by a Third Party Administrator, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. Please see the links below to review the three plan designs and premiums for each.

The Lafayette Parish School System offers three health plans to choose from. Employees may enroll in health plan benefits when hired, at open enrollment or during a "qualifying event" (as defined by the IRS). New employees who join the health plan, within 30 days of hire, will have no pre-existing condition limitations applied.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Customer Service @ 800-363-9150 for claims and billing


RX - Prescription inquiries

RX Benefits (Weekdays - PPO plans) @ 800-334-8134

CVS Caremark (Weekends - PPO plans) @ 800-552-8159

Express Scripts (High deductible) @ 866-781-7533


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Compare the PLANS

Compare the monthly PREMIUMS 2021

Full rate charts: LPSS BCBS Health Plans 2021

Telehealth Services with Blue Care: Click Here

For information on setting up an HSA CLICK HERE (*Members must have the High deductible plan to be eligible for an HSA).

See the IRS website for information regarding HSA eligible expenses CLICK HERE


LPSS Blue Cross Blue Shield - Comprehensive Plan Documents

PPO Plans   (Basic & Enhanced)

High Deductible Health Plan  


LPSS Blue Cross Blue Shield - Schedule of Benefits

Basic PPO Plan

Enhanced PPO Plan / Explanation of Co-pays

High Deductible Health Plan

RX Services BASIC & Enhanced

Regenexx Alternative Solution

Regenexx am I a candidate


Blue Cross Blue Shield Forms

Lafayette Parish School Board employees, the below changes will take effect July 1, 2020, and are approved by the Board.

Preferred Brand prescription copays are increasing from $40 to $45. This change will affect the Basic, Enhanced and High deductible health plans. Note, the High deductible health plan requires meeting the deductible before the prescription copay is applicable.

The annual prescription out of pocket maximum is increasing from $1,000 to $1,250 per person under the Basic and Enhanced plans only. The family RX maximum is $2,500.

Prescription maximums are met from January - December annually. Note, if the member has already met the $1,000 prescription maximum to date, the remaining $250 would also need to be met in order to comply with the July 1, 2020, changes. 

Lafayette Parish School System now covers an alternative solution to surgery for many orthopedic injuries called Regenexx. Regenexx procedures treat the shoulder, hand, hip, knee, spine, wrist / elbow and ankle / foot. Contact a Regenexx liaison to help you determine eligibility and next steps.

See the attached information for details regarding the July 1, 2020, changes. Please contact the LPSS Insurance department at 521-7066 / 521-7065 / 521-7064 or via email at if we can be of further assistance.