Andrew Arthur McBride

Andrew Arthur McBride

Andrew Arthur McBride, the son of Aureliss McBride and Sophie Whittington, was born Apr. 18, 1878 in Lafayette.  After graduating from public schools of Lafayette, he attended Louisiana State University where he graduated in 1901.  He and his wife, Laura Melancon, had no children.

After obtaining a degree, McBride became a commandant at Rugby Academy of New Orleans.  He later returned to Lafayette as a teacher, then Principal at the old Southside School and the Central School.  Following this, for thirty years, he was Supervisor of Education.  In 1946, he was appointed Superintendent of Education and served in that position until 1948 when he retired from public education.

During his tenure in education, McBride advocated and successfully worked for the abolishment of the operation of small schools operated by separate school districts and the establishment of a parish-wide school system.  He was a prime mover and supporter of Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) to have it located in Lafayette rather in New Iberia.  It was while he was Principal of the old Southside School that, through his encouragement, Marie Himel, a teacher at the school, started a "soup kitchen" to furnish a warm meal to school children.  This was the beginning of what is today a statewide program.

After retiring from the school system, Mr. Mac, as he was affectionately known, became associated with James Alpha in the publication of a weekly newspaper, The Lafayette Progress.  The publication was later acquired by the Daily Advertiser, and Mr. Mac continued with the newspaper as an employee until 1964, when he once again retired.