Allen W. Meyers

Allen Meyers

Allen William Meyers, son of Allen Joseph Meyers and Imelga Lydia Boya, was born in New Orleans on September 2, 1926, and was educated in the Orleans Parish Public Schools. He graduated from Samuel J. Peters High School and attended LSU through 1950 and transferred to Southwestern Louisiana Institute (SLI) in 1950. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education in June, 1953, a Master's degree in 1960, and a Master's Plus 30 hours in 1967. Besides being academically oriented, he also was an outstanding football player and earned all
conference quarterback honors in 1952. 

Mr. Meyers is presently married to Jo Ann Woodham Meyers. He has two children by a previous marriage, three stepchildren and three grandchildren. 

After graduating from Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Mr. Meyers became a teacher/coach at St. Paul's (Covington), Lafayette High and Northside High where he taught American History, civics, physical education and health education. During his teaching career, he served as a Supervisor of Student Teachers for the USL Education Department for over twelve (12) years. 

In 1966, he began his administrative career as Assistant Principal at Judice High School and remained in that position for three (3) years. He was appointed Principal at Judice Elementary when Judice High and Scott High Schools were consolidated into Acadiana High School. In 1970, Mr. Meyers was appointed Principal at Lafayette High during the court ordered desegregation period and was there for three (3) years. 

He was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Lafayette Parish Schools in 1973 and served in that position until January, 1987 when he was named Acting Superintendent. In May, 1987 he was appointed by the Board to the Superintendent's position. He retired in June of 1989 after serving public education for thirty-five (35) years. 

During Mr. Meyers's tenure as Superintendent, he developed open communication with all segments of the community and developed a major reorganization of the Central Office. He led the drive for the passage of the one-half cent sales tax and for the passage of a 10 mills property tax to remove all asbestos in Lafayette Parish schools. 

Mr. Daniel Aucoin was President of the School Board at the time of Mr. Meyers' appointment as Superintendent. In 1988, Mr. Allen Dugas was elected to succeed Mr. Aucoin and in 1989, Mrs. Colleen H. Andrus was elected and served as President of the Board during the remainder of Mr. Meyers' tenure.