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Welcome Retired Employees

Retirees of the Lafayette Parish School System enjoy many of the same benefits as our active employees to include health and voluntary benefits.  

We have prepared an information booklet for our newly retired employees and those planning for retirement. Please read through this publication for answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding insurance benefits after retirement. 


LPSS Humana Medicare Advantage Option 

Retirees who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B also have an opportunity to elect Humana's private health plan instead of enrolling in the LPSS Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan. The advantages to joining the Humana's plan include lower premiums and additional benefits.

For more information, you may also visit the local Humana office at 4422 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Suite A. Their phone number is (337) 592-0874.  

See the below links for more information regarding Humana:

* Humana Summary of Benefits  

* Humana Rates  


 Newly Retired Employees

Congratulations! LPSS wishes you all the best during this next season of life.

Retiree Packet is included for those members needing benefit continuation after retirement. Retirees are to fill out the designated forms, per the employee's specific elections, and return them via the direction given.

For assistance call (337)521-7064 or  


UNUM Life Insurance 

As of January 1, 2019, all retirees are provided an employer paid Basic UNUM Group Term Life insurance benefit; contact LPSS for benefit details.

For retirees that purchased a supplemental group term life insurance policy, contact LPSS Insurance for benefit details at 521-7064; 7065; 7066.  

Click here to read more about Group Insurance Policy 219307 with Lafayette Parish School System for Basic and Supplemental Life effective January 1, 2019.

Retirees who wish to update their beneficiaries may do so by returning the attached form to: LPSS, Attn: Insurance Department, P.O. Drawer 2158, Lafayette, LA 70502.  

Wellness Offering -

Flu Shots - For retirees that have the LPSS Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan, flu shots are FREE of charge. Bring your BCBS card and a valid ID.

Vitamin Injections - Vitamin injections are also available. Prices are: $15 Vitamin C; $20 B-12; $25 Super B. All forms of payment are excepted - cash, check, debit / credit card. Click here for more info.


Wellness Incentive 2020

All LPSS retirees who are not on Medicare are eligible to participate in the 2020 LPSS Wellness Program. Each LPSS health plan member and covered spouse who completes the required activities earn 100 points and is eligible to receive a $250 credit toward the 2021 deductible. See the instruction sheet for details on how to receive the credit. 

Taking a Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and getting an annual wellness exam are the two mandatory requirements.

You may fulfill the annual wellness exam requirement by participating in biometric testing at the LPSS Vermilion Conference Center, 326 Gauthier Road, Lafayette. Two dates have been scheduled for the annual wellness testing. You may participate on either Wednesday, July 22, 2020, from 7:00 a.m. until noon or Thursday, July 23, 2020, from 7:00 a.m. until noon.

Wellness testing is performed by Lafayette General Medical Center.

The deadline to complete the activities is December 15, 2020, by 4:30 p.m.



LPSS has "Creditable Prescription Coverage" as deemed by Medicare, "Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare."  



SilverScript Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP)


Lafayette Parish School System Retirees,


It is a priority of the district to continue to provide you with dependable and affordable health and prescription coverages. We are pleased to announce that, effective January 1, 2021, all (Medicare-eligible) retirees, spouses and/or dependents will have a new prescription drug plan called SilverScript Employer PDP sponsored by Lafayette Parish School System (SilverScript).


What is SilverScript Employer PDP? An employer provided group Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan to include additional coverage provided by LPSS. The additional coverage will close the gap and offer more coverage than the standard Medicare Part D plan. The plan is offered by SilverScript® Insurance Company and affiliated with CVS Caremark®, our district’s current pharmacy benefit manager.


This prescription plan has been custom-tailored for LPSS retirees to ensure little, if any, change from your current plan. Here are a few things you will want to make note of:

  • Covered members (Medicare-eligible retirees, spouses and dependents) will have their own new ID cards / materials mailed to them.
  • Members that are not Medicare-eligible will continue to be covered on their current plan. There will be no changes for these members.
  •  No need to enroll in the SilverScript Employer PDP – you will be automatically enrolled. You may be contacted, via mail only, if additional information is needed to complete your enrollment (to confirm information, like your Medicare Beneficiary Identification Number or a physical street address)


The decision of the board to amend the current plan by moving to SilverScript will change the way LPSS funds prescription drug costs, resulting in seamless coverage for our retirees and a significant cost-savings to our district insurance plan.


What’s next? You will be receiving additional mailings with more detailed information about the SilverScript prescription plan from both LPSS and SilverScript between now and January 1, 2021.  Please read all information carefully and save it for your reference.


Your first letter from SilverScript will provide you with contact information for SilverScript Customer Care. This letter will come via mail mid-October. They will be your resource for any questions regarding Medicare Part D and the SilverScript plan.


Thank you for partnering with us! We appreciate your patience and support during this transition.


Insurance and Benefits

Employee Services



Do you want to learn more about our new prescription plan?

Effective January 1, 2021, all (Medicare-eligible) retirees, spouse and/or dependents will have a new prescription drug plan called SilverScript Employer PDP sponsored by the Lafayette Parish School System.

SilverScript, in partnership with CVS Caremark®, has put together several educational webinars to help answer your questions regarding the change over. 

For those members who do not have a computer, please dial 877 209 8710

11/9 Attendee Link

11/11 Attendee Link

11/12 Attendee Link

11/17 Attendee Link

11/18 Attendee Link

11/20 Attendee Link



SilverScript Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) Video


SilverScript Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) PDF


Please see the below information regarding the virtual trainings:

  • No pre-registration is required.

  • For members who chose to pre-register, a confirmation email will be sent prior to the event with a link to access the webinar.

  • Members must download WebEx in order to participate in the training. Step by step instructions will guide you through this process when you click the link.

  • If a password appears, please click through the pop-up.

  • Please allow extra time to login to the training prior to the start.

  • Members can view the program on any device (PC, Mac, IPad, Mobile).

  • There is no audio through the WebEx. Please dial 877-209-8710 to hear the audio.

  • Members may also dial 877-209-8710 and listen to the training via phone if a computer is not available.

  • If you experience buffering delays, please disconnect from your VPN and access the WebEx link through your high-speed Wi-Fi.

  • If your screen appears frozen during the presentation, try refreshing your screen or close it out and log back in.

  • Lines will be muted during the training. If you have questions or comments, please type it in the chat or Q&A boxes in the lower right corner of your screen.

  • Members who call in via phone will also be able to ask questions at the end of the session as well.

  • For members who want to review the training again, please see the video link above.

  • For members who want to print the training materials, please see the PDF version above.

Please call LPSS Insurance if you have questions regarding the above. We can be reached at (337) 521-7064, (337) 521-7065 or (337) 521-7053.