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Leave Request

Lafayette Parish School Board employees hired for the school year or longer shall be granted a minimum of ten (10) days’ absence per year because of personal illness or other emergencies without loss of pay.  Such full-time employees shall be granted sick leave per year as follows.

  1. Employed less than 3 years: 1 day for each month worked.
  2. Employed more than 3 years but less than 10 years: 1.25 days for each month worked.
  3. Employed 10 or more years: 1.5 days for each month worked.

Only time accrued as an employee with regular full-time status shall be considered when awarding days from this schedule.          

The minimum of ten (10) days of sick leave for an employee shall be conditioned on the employee beginning work at the beginning of the school year.  In the case of an employee beginning work in the first month of the school year, ten days of sick leave shall be allowed.  If an employee begins work in the second month of the school year, nine days of sick leave shall be allowed, and the number of days of sick leave shall continue to be prorated for an employee who begins work until the eighth month of the school year, when only three days of sick leave shall be allowed. 

Sick leave, when not used, shall be allowed to accumulate to the credit of the employee without limitation.  However, upon initial employment, an employee shall not be allowed any sick leave until he or she reports for duty and actually performs work.

An employee who is absent for six (6) or more consecutive days shall be required to present a certificate from a physician certifying such absence by the seventh day of absence. The School Board reserves the right to require verification of illness of any person who is absent eight (8) or more days in a month or fourteen (14) days in one year.

For sick leave purposes, immediate family includes the employee's spouse and spouse's parents, children and children's spouse, siblings and siblings spouse, parents, grandparents, grandchildren (all including step-relations) or a person living and being cared for under the same roof as that of the employee.  

The School Board shall permit employees to take up to ninety (90) days of extended sick leave in each six-year period of employment which may be used for a medical necessity at any time the employee has no remaining regular sick leave balance. All decisions relative to the granting of extended sick leave shall be made by the Superintendent. Any employee on extended sick leave shall be paid sixty-five percent (65%) of the salary paid at the time extended sick leave begins.  

Sick Leave Request FAQs

When should I apply for sick leave?
If you are planning to be absent for 6 consecutive days or more, you must apply for sick leave with LPSS regardless of available sick days. A 30-day notice is required except in the case of emergency. In this instance, no later than 48 hours after the emergency. 

How do I apply for sick leave?

Click Here for sick leave forms

Where do I return the forms?
Sick leave requests are returned to LPSS Employee Services at Central Office. You may e-mail them to, send them via pony mail, deliver them in person, mail them, or fax them to 337-521-7051.

How will my pay be affected?
Sick leave has to be approved by the by the Human Resources Specialist. If approved, sick leave days are pulled from your current and accumulated available sick / annual days paid at 100%.

What is Extended Medical Leave (EML)?
When available leave is exhausted employees may apply for EML. If granted, EML pays at 65% of your daily rate. EML has eligibility criteria due to LPSS Board policy and State regulations. Employees have to prove the illness or injury meets all three criteria: (1) catastrophic, (2) results in life threatening / functioning / incapacitating, and (3) requires an absence of 10+ consecutive days or more. Employees are allotted 90 EML days every six years. EML has to be approved by the Human Resources Specialist. 

What is the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
FMLA is an unpaid leave offered to employees who meet the criteria. FMLA is a maximum of 12 weeks of unpaid sick leave. If the employee has available current / accumulated / personal/ annual days, LPSS will apply paid days in lieu of leave without pay until paid leave is exhausted. Maternity, however, is the exception; see Employee Services.

Does LPSS offer maternity or paternity leave?
Yes, both are offered at LPSS. Maternity (unpaid)– 6 weeks for natural delivery and 8 weeks for c-section. LPSS applies available current / accumulated / personal/ annual paid days first and offers up to 30 days under EML to teachers within the 6 or 8 week period. Paternity (unpaid) – up to 2 weeks of leave, LPSS applies available current / accumulated / personal/ annual paid days first. FMLA is available to qualified employees. See Employee Services for additional direction. 

How do I report my sick leave?
Employees are responsible for ensuring that their Absences are reported through the EARSS system.


Leave Request Forms


Physician Statement (Please attach the coinciding physician statement)


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