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Lafayette Parish School System Updates its Strategic Plan to Create A Vision for 2020

Lafayette Parish School System Superintendent Dr. Donald Aguillard announced today that Central Office Staff, along with school-based staff and members of the community will update Lafayette Parish’s 100% In 100% Out strategic plan. The updated plan will build upon the important work done by Central Office staff and members of the community in developing the original. In addition, it will provide the district with a roadmap that will take it through 2020. Four central questions will drive the strategic planning process:


1.   Who are we as a school system?

2.   Where do we want to go?

3.   How can we get there?

4.   How will we tell if we have?


The updated document will be organized around four focus areas:


1.   Resources and Support Systems

2.   Teaching and Assessing for Learning

3.   Using Results for Continuous Improvement

4.   Community Connections


Dr. Aguillard said that the fully updated plan would be complete sometime in November. Chief Administrative Officer Joe Craig will chair the Strategic Planning Advisory Team, the leadership team that will guide the process of updating the plan.