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Proposed Changes to Enrichment Programs in Lafayette Parish

There have been reports in today’s news that the Lafayette Parish School Board will consider closing the gifted program at Paul Breaux Middle School at its next meeting on May 4th. We wish to clarify that the program in question is a one-day-per-week pullout enrichment program for private and public school students in Lafayette Parish and is not related to the core academic program at Paul Breaux Middle School.  There are no proposed changes to the core academic program for gifted students at Paul Breaux Middle.

Because maintaining the enrichment pullout program at all three sites (Youngsville Middle, Edgar Martin Middle, and Paul Breaux Middle) would require adding a teacher for the upcoming year, staff has asked the Board to consolidate the sites from three to two.  Eligible students would continue to receive services in the program at either Youngsville Middle or Edgar Martin Middle. It is also important to note that students participating in the enrichment program at Paul Breaux Middle are not enrolled at Paul Breaux. They all attend other middle schools in the parish.