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Smooth Re-opening for Lafayette Parish School Students

Lafayette Parish schools re-opened today after the recent flood shut the school system down for more than a week.  Despite the fact that floodwaters inundated a very large number of homes in the parish, student attendance was high today, at a little over 95%.  Current student enrollment stands at 30,283. Of that number, 22 students are attending a new school today because they have been displaced by the flood. Teachers also reported in high numbers, and those few who could not report were covered by substitutes.

The temporary sites for Westside Elementary School students opened without any issues, and there were no problems with the new transportation for the new students. Chief Chad Leger and the entire Scott Police Department were out this morning ensuring that traffic ran smoothly at Scott Middle School. The rest of the bus fleet ran their normal routes without incident. The transportation call center remains open, and any parent with questions about transportation should call 337-521-7433.

Make-up testing will take place on Tuesday, August 23rd, for pre-k and kindergarten students. Those students who were originally scheduled to report on August 16th will report on Wednesday, August 24th, and those students who were originally scheduled to report on August 17th, report on Thursday, August 25th. All pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students will report on Friday, August 26th.

Superintendent Aguillard said that today’s re-opening with such high attendance “is a testament to the dedication of our teachers and the resilience of our community.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with all those affected by the flood.”