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Lafayette Parish Administrators Propose Calendar Options for the 2019-2020 School Year

Based on feedback from stakeholder groups, modifications to 2 of the proposed calendars are attached for review.   

Proposal 1-A moves the start date of school back 1 day, so that mandatory teacher in-services do not begin until August 1.  The other change noted in proposal 1-A, has students reporting  to school on the Thursday and Friday of Mardi Gras week, but 2 additional days are added to the Easter break.  

The only change to proposal 5-A, compared to 5, occurs in the month of October.  In the new version, report cards and parent/teacher conferences are now on the same day, and the optional teacher in-service is moved to Friday.

The calendar comparison chart has been updated to show these additions.  Additionally, the comparison chart now includes the dates for summer school.  Stakeholders had pointed out that starting school later in the year, resulted in students attending summer school during the week of July 4.

2019-2020 District Calendar Proposal 1-A

2019-2020 District Calendar Proposal 5-A

2019-2020 Proposed Calendars Comparison