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LPSS Announces Information Regarding Student Grades and Grade Placement for Students in Grades K-11

Senior Students:
High school seniors and graduating juniors are reminded of guidance that was previously shared. See Senior Guidance.

Elementary, Middle, and High School Students
Information for students in grades K-11 is available at  K-11 Grade/Promotion Guidance.
As parents and students review this information, it is important that they remain in contact with their child’s teachers, counselors, and school leaders.

For elementary and middle school students, a variety of data will be reviewed in making promotion/retention decisions. “We have established an initial standard for proficiency that starts with the grades earned. If students are not deemed proficient at that initial level, schools will review additional pieces of data related to  student performance to make a determination if the student is ready for next grade level learning,” said Chief Academic Officer Dr. Mark Rabalais.

For high school students, as well as any middle school student attempting to earn a high school credit, course/grade recovery options are available and students are urged to remain in contact with teachers to complete work in an effort to improve failing grades. “Schools’ staff and teachers have started to review grades to identify those students in jeopardy of failing a course. High schools are providing virtual, as well as paper-based options, for credit/grade recovery depending on the needs of each student,” states Superintendent Irma Trosclair.

Families with questions about their child’s grades or promotional standing should email their teacher or school counselor. Email addresses can be found on each school’s website or by using the link School Directories.

“We remain mindful that this situation is beyond the control of our students. Moving forward, we plan to provide academic recovery opportunities in the form of a virtual summer school or a face-to-face summer school option. We recognize there may be learning gaps for students, and we will have intentional remediation and academic recovery built into our teaching cycle when students return in the fall,” says Superintendent Trosclair.

LPSS will continue to provide optional learning opportunities until May 15. Although optional, it’s important that families continue to participate in these learning activities to support continued learning so that students are better prepared when we return to school.  “Students will be better prepared for the next grade level next year if they engage academically this spring and summer.  At a minimum, students should read every day.  Reading makes a tremendous impact during extended school breaks,“ says Superintendent Trosclair.