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Augmentative Communication

Augmentative Communication may consist of a variety of means for an individual to communicate effectively with others.  There are many high technology and low technology solutions now available for persons with these needs.  This page will briefly discuss some types of solutions available to you.  For specific questions you may want to contact us directly.

Low Technology Solutions           Tips to Consider 
Picture Boards
Picture Wallets
Switch Adapted Toys
Switch Adapted Tape Recorder
Power Links
Object Communicators
Tech Speak Talkers
Step Communicators
Cheap Talks
Talking Photo Frames
PEC-Picture Exchange Communication
Adapted Storybooks

Cognitive Ability
Motor Skills
Heirarchy of Display Items Communication Boards:

  • Actual Boards
  • Photographs (Color or B/W)
  • Picture Symbols (How abstract)

Environment it will be used
Consistency in Training









High Technology Solutions            Tips to Consider

Dynavox-Series IV
Freedom 2000
Laptop Computers w/ Speaking Software
Say It-Sam by Words Plus
Chat PC by Enkidu
Enkide Portable Impact Devices
Springboard by Prentke Romich


Environment it be used.
Portability of Device
Level of Complication
Needs of Individual May Be Constantly Changing
Durability of Device
If Just Beginning, May Need Prerequisite
Skills and Consistent Training Before Progress Will be Noticed.
Amount of training and support in order to use.