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Assistive Technology Devices

Computer Access
Students that are unable to use a standard keyboard may need adaptive devices to access the classroom computers.  Such devices might include computer switch interfaces, alternate keyboards, adaptive mouse input, on-screen keyboards, speaking software, etc.  A list of some adaptations is listed below:

Alternate Keyboards & Word Processors
Discover Ke:nx
One Hand Typist Keyboards
AlphaSmart 3000
Alpha Smart Neo
Alpha Smart Dana
The Writer by AKT
Laser PC

On-Screen Keyboards
E-Z Keys by Words Plus
Gus On-Screen Keyboard
Discover Ke:nx

Switch Interfaces
Don Johnston Switch Interface
Discover Ke:nx
Switch Click
Wireless IntelliSwitch
Jelly Beamer by Ablenet

Adaptive Mouse Input
E-Z Touchpad
Tracker 2000 by Madentec
Headmouse by Origin
Electronic Mouse Emulators w/ Multiple Switch Input
Graphic Writers

Talking Software
VidVoice-Input Software
Microsoft Speed Engine-Input Software
Dragon's Naturally Speaking-Input Software
Gus Mutlimedia Software-Output Only
Speaking Dynamically Pro-Output Only
Intellitalk III-Output Only
Kurzweil Reading Software-Output Only

Writing Software
Write Outloud
Co-Writer-Word Prediction
Intellitalk III
Franklin Speller/Organizers/Thesaurus

Other devices and environmental controls:
Power Link Control

Picture Software
Writing with Symbols
Clicker 5

Switches & Controls
Jelly Beamer
Ultimate Switch
Big Red Switch
Jelly Switch
Grasp Switch

Mounting Equipment 
Simplicity Wheelchair Mount
Daessy Wheelchair Mount
Slant Boards
Slim Armstrong Mount