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James H. Easton, Ed.D.
January, 2001 - June, 2007

James Easton, Ed.D., Superintendent of SchoolsJames H. Easton, son of Booker and Mahalie Easton, was born in South Bend, Indiana. He received his Bachelor's Degree from Manchester College, his Master's Degree from University of Tennessee and his Educational Doctorate Degree from The Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Easton is married to Alnetta R. Theriot, a native of Franklin, Louisiana. They have four sons, Jimmy, Scott, Sean and Steven.

Dr. Easton is a competent leader with a track record of good powers of observation, curriculum design and delivery, a team player (leads by example), enthusiastic, careful in meeting deadlines and calm during a crisis. He has a progressive career path with positions of increasing responsibility, such as, Teacher, College Supervisor of Student Teachers, High School Principal, Executive Director for Community Education, Regional Director of Transportation and Director of Secondary Education.

He has worked with executive boards in planning budgets, establishing standards in operational policy and opening lines of communication between system leader and community organization.

Carl LaCombe was President of the School Board at the time of Dr. Easton's appointment.