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Assistive Technology/Augmentative Communication

Services we offer:
The Lafayette Parish School System provides assessments and intervention services to all eligible students in need of augmentative communication and/or assistive technology services.  A team of professionals consisting of trained personnel will evaluate individual students upon referral for assistance in these areas. 

Who provides these services?
Once an individual is found to be in need of augmentative communication and/or assistive technology assistance the type of assistance provided will vary.   The Lafayette Parish AT Team will provide initial training and support to the classroom teachers, therapists, support personnel and parents as needs are identified.

Whom should I contact for these services?
If your child is school-aged you should first contact the School Building Level Committee (also known as the SBLC) at your child's school and request that he/she be evaluated for augmentative communication or assistive technology needs. The committee will discuss your concerns and route the referral to the proper sources for investigation. Each school site has their own SBLC that meets on a regular basis. Contact your child's school and ask who is in charge of their committee and contact them. If your child is not attending school and is preschool age, then you should contact the Lafayette Parish Parent Child Center, at 337-262-0634 to request assistance. If your child is not attending a public school you should contact the committee at his/her private school and request assistance. The procedures may be a little different from the process followed in the public school.