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Board Policies  :  G-Personnel


File Name
GAAAEqual Opportunity Employment
GAAA-R Equal Opportunity Employment Nondiscrimination On the Basis of Sex in Educational Programs & Activities
GAD Staff Professional Development Opportunities
GAEGrievance & Complaint Policies
GAEA Staff Protection
GAEAA Sexual Harassment Policy
GAEAA-R Sexual Harassment Regulations
GAEB Allegations of Misconduct Policy
GAH Staff-Community Relations
GAHB School Board Employees Running for Public Office
GAIB Solicitations of Staff Members
GAIC Distribution of Personnel & Student Data
GAK School Employee Personnel File Policy
GAK-R Personnel Records Guidelines
GAL Salary Deductions
GAM Electronic Resources Policy
GAMA Dress Code for Professional, Office Personnel & Other Employees
GAMAA Dress Code for Bus Drivers & Bus Attendants
GAMB Information & Data Security Policy
GAMC Employee Electronic Communication with Students
GAMDEmployee Use of Telephones and Other Electronic Telecommunication Devices
GBA Professional Personnel Compensation Guides & Contracts
GBA-R Regulations for Professional Personnel Compensation Guides & Contracts

Position Classification & Compensation Plan

GBBAA Professional Personnel Qualifications & Duties for Teachers
GBBAB Summer School Employment
GBBAC Hiring of Teachers for LEAP Remediation Summer School
GBC Professional Personnel Recruitment/Hiring
GBCAHiring of Teachers for Schools of Choice
 Hiring of Teachers for Lead/Support Teacher Positions
GBDD Headstart Personnel Hiring Policy
GBE Professional Personnel Assignment
GBEE Assignment of Elementary School Assistant Principal
GBEEEStaff Projections
GBF Professional Personnel Orientation
GBF-R Regulations for Professional Personnel Orientation
GBG Professional Personnel Probation
GBH Professional Personnel Supervision
GBH-R Professional Personnel Supervision Guidelines
GBI Professional Personnel Evaluation
GBI-RProfessional Personnel Evaluation Guidelines
GBJ Professional Personnel Promotion
GBKA Reduction in Force (RIF) Policy for Teachers
GBL Professional Personnel Tenure
GBM Professional Personnel Transfer
GBMA Involuntary Teacher Transfer Policy
GBMAA Voluntary Teacher Transfer Policy
GBN Professional Personnel Separation Policy
GBQ Professional Personnel Retirement
GBRAProfessional Personnel Health Examinations
GBRA-R Professional Personnel Health Examinations Regulations
GBRAA Communicable Disease-Aids-Employees
GBRAB Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
GBRAC Employee Assistance Program
GBRAD Accident Review Policy
GBRB Professional Personnel Time Schedules
GBRB-R Professional Personnel Time Schedules
GBRD Professional Personnel Staff Meetings
GBRE Professional Personnel Extra Duty
GBREA Involvement of Personnel in Conducting Student Searches
GBRHA Professional Personnel Sabbatical for Teachers/Administrators
GBRHB Professional Personnel Leave for Conferences & Visitations
GBRHB-R Administrative Guidelines for Principals Governing Approval of Rejection of Professional Leave Requests
GBRHBB Practicum & Internship for Employees
GBRHBBC  Library Science Practicum Program Participation
GBRI Professional Personnel Personal Leaves & Absences (For Illness & Emergencies)
GBRIA Professional Personnel Emergency & Legal Leave
GBRIB Leave-Without-Pay-Family & Medical Leave
GBRIC Professional Personnel Maternity Leave Policy
GBRID Administrative, Technical & Educational Support Personnel Military Leave
GBRIE Professional Personnel Religious Leave
GBRIF Professional Personnel Leave for Bereavement
GBRIG Extended Sick Leave Policy for Teachers
GBRIH Sick Leave Benefits Sequence for All Employees
GBRIJ Extended Sick Leave Policy for School Bus Operators
GBRIK Extended Sick Leave Policy for Support Personnel and Non-Teaching Administrators and Professionals
GBRJ-R Arrangements for Substitutes
GBRK Professional Personnel Vacations (Annual Leave)
GBRL Arranging Substitutes & Replacements for Educational Support Personnel
GBRL-R Administrative Guidelines for Arranging Substitutes, Replacements & Temporary Workers for Educational Support Staff
GBS Professional Organizations
GBS-R Professional Organizations
GBT Publications & Inventions (Patents & Copyrights)
GCA Nonprofessional Personnel Compensation Guides & Contracts
GCA-R Position Classification & Compensation Plan
GCC Educational Support Personnel Recruitment/Hiring
GCDD Recruitment/Hiring Procedures for Cafeteria Technicians
GCDE Bus Driver Hiring Procedures
GCE Non-professional Personnel Assignment (And Transfer)
GCEA Appointment of Custodians
GCEA-R Administrative Guidelines for Allocation & Utilization of Custodians
GCEAA Custodial Substitutes
GCEB Essential Personnel
GCG Non-professional Personnel Probation
GCI Evaluation Plan for Educational Support Personnel
GCKA Reduction in Force (RIF) Policy for Non-Teacher Employees
GCKAA Reduction in Force (RIF) Policy for Bus Drivers
GCL Non-professional Personnel Tenure
GCN Non-professional Personnel Separation
GCQ Non-professional Personnel Retirement
GCRA Non-professional Personnel Health Examinations
GCRA-R Non-professional Personnel Health Examinations Regulations
GCRB Non-professional Personnel Time Schedules
GCRD Non-professional Personnel Overtime Pay
GCRG Non-certificated Support Personnel Leaves & Absences (Leave for Personal or Family Illness & Emergencies)
GCRGA Non-professional Personnel Emergency & Legal Leave
GCRGB Non-professional Personnel Leave for Illness
GCRGC Non-professional Personnel Maternity Policy
GCRGD Non-professional Personnel Military Leave
GCRGE Non-professional Personnel Religious Leave
GCRGF Non-professional Personnel Leave for Bereavement
GCRH Support Personnel Annual Leave
GCRJ Tobacco Products in the Workplace
GCRK Safety Belts
GCS Non-professional Personnel Employee Organizations
GDA-R Position Classification & Compensation Plan
GDRAC Employee Assistance Program