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Board Policies  :  J-Students



File Name
JAA Non-discrimination Policy
JAA-R Grievance Procedures for Filing, Processing, and Resolving Alleged Discrimination Complaints (Students & Employees)
JAB Non-discrimination on Basis of Handicap
 JB  Pupil Attendance
JBA Compulsory School Attendance Ages
JBBEntrance Requirements for Kindergarten & First Grade
JBCSchool Admissions
JBCA High School Academy Enrollment & Attendance

International Exchange Program Administrative Procedures/Regulations

JBCCAAssignment of Schools
JBCAA-R Assignment to Schools
JBCCB Transfer Students
JBCCB-RAssignment to Classes
JBCCCC-RRegulations for Readmission of Home Study Students
JBCCC-RRegulations for Admission to the Home Study Program
JBCDEStudent Transfer Policy
JBD Student Absences and Excuses
JBDA Attendance Awards Policy
JBD-R Regulations for Documenting Absences and Reporting Truancy
JBE Truancy
JCStudent's Rights & Responsibilities
JC-RStudent's Rights & Responsibilities
JCAADue Process for Suspension/Recommended Expulsion
JCAB Interrogations & Searches
JCDAA Student Smoking Policy
JCDAC Student Alcohol & Drug Use
JCDACA Drug-Free Workplace Policy
JCDACA-R Regulation for Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace
JCDACB Student Athlete Drug Testing Policy
JCDAC-R Regulations for Discipline of Students for Using Alcohol , Drugs and Tobacco
JCDAD School Bus Conduct
JCDADD Security Video Cameras on School Buses
JCDAE Student Conduct on School-Sponsored Trips
JCDAF Unauthorized Presence on School Grounds
JCDAG Sexual Harassment Policy for Students
JCDB Student Dress Code
JCDB-R Student Dress Code Regulations
JCDC Yes Sir/Yes Ma'am" Policy
JCE Student/Parent Grievance Procedures (Other Than Suspensions or Expulsions)
JD Student Discipline
JDA Corporal Punishment
JDAA Physical Restraint of Students
JDB Behavior Clinic/Discipline Center/Outreach Center/Saturday Intervention Program/Time Out
JDB-R Guidelines for Administering Discipline
JDBC-R Guidelines for Administering Discipline of Students with Disabilities
JDD Student Suspension & Expulsion
JDD-R Procedural Safeguards for Children w/ Disabilities
JDE Student Expulsion
JDG Gang Activity
JDH Safe Schools - Non Violence
JDH-R Regulations for Administering Discipline for Fighting and/or Endangering Behavior
JDI Student Use of Electronic Resources
 Cellular Phone Use for Students
JD-R Student Discipline
JEA Family Education Rights & Privacy Act Buckley Amendment
JFGA Fire Exit Drills
JGA Student Insurance Program
JGCA Student Immunizations
JGCC-RGuidelines for Communicable Diseases
JGCD Medicines
JGCD-R Regulations for Medication Administration
JGFA Fire Exit Drills
JGFB Supervision of Students
JGFC-R Dismissal Precautions
JGFF-RStudent Automobile Use
JGFGAccidents/Incidents/First Aid
JGGABus Stop Walk Distances
JGHA Free Food Service
JGI Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect

Guidelines in Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect

JHStudent Activities
JHA Student Activities Fees

Take Our Daughters to Work Policy

JHBSchool Activities (and School) Fund Management
JHCAStudent Clubs
JHD-RStudent Social Events
JHEStudent Performances
JHE-RStudent Performances
JHFGraduation Ceremonies
JHF-ROptions Program Guidelines for Completion & Transcript for Graduation Ceremonies
JHFA Emergency Medical Procedures
JHFFAthletic Policy
JH-RRegulations for Middle & High School Cheerleaders
JKASolicitations of Students
JKCDistribution of Personnel & Student Data
JQE Pregnant Students, Married Students, Unmarried Mothers
JQM-RStudents on Court Probation
JRPrivacy Act & Student Records
JRA-RGuidelines for Students' Records & Reports
JRB Student Record Identification
JRB-R Regulations Governing Student Record Identification
JSStudent Fees, Fines & Charges
JT-RSenior Class Rings