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LPSS Meal Service for 2020-2021

Important Updates for 2020-2021


Meal Benefits



2020-2021 Meals FAQ


Meals-to-Go Online Order Form

Online Payment (My School Bucks)

Apply for Meal Benefits (Non-CEP schools)

Special Dietary Needs Form: Diet Prescription for Meals At School 2020-2021 Form

Student Meal Account Refund Form



Important Updates for 2020-2021

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Child Nutrition Services has made a number of changes to how it provides meals for the current school year. Please review the information below.

2020-2021 Meals Update Press Release

Classroom Meals:
For health/safety reasons, students attending in-person classes (whether full-time or on A/B schedule) will not be eating in the cafeteria; rather, they will retrieve breakfast and lunch “Classroom Meals” designed to be taken back to the classroom (or alternate location) and eaten there. These will be hot meals prepared by cafeteria staff — the only difference is that they will be consumed elsewhere. Menus for Classroom Meals can be found here.

This year LPSS is providing shelf-stable breakfast and lunch “Meals-to-Go” for ordering and pickup on days students do not attend class in person. These meals must be ordered in advance and picked up on Fridays. Students are eligible to order Meals-to-Go on days they are not on a school campus, which includes:

  • K-5 students (prior to beginning full-time attendance only) (Team Z)
  • 6-12 Students following hybrid A/B schedules (Team A/B, on the days they are at home)
  • K-12 Students enrolled in Lafayette Online Academy (Team V, 5 days/week)


Find more info about Meals-to-Go here.

Menus for Meals-to-Go can be found here.

Disclaimer: This information is subject to change depending on circumstances.



Classroom Meals Menu PDF (Breakfast/Lunch)

Meals-to-Go Menu PDF (Breakfast/Lunch)

For questions about menus, call 337-521-7370.

Special Dietary Needs

For students with special dietary needs, a new form must be submitted for the current school year: Diet Prescription for Meals At School 2020-2021 Form


Meal Benefits

UPDATE: (10/14/20) Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a nationwide waiver that will allow public school systems across the country to continue to offer all students, regardless of income eligibility, daily breakfast and lunch meals at no charge effective immediately. This waiver will be valid through May 2021 or until available funds are depleted (whichever comes first).

Under this extension, all LPSS students can receive daily breakfast and lunch meals at no cost, including both on-campus meals and Meals-to-Go. Snack meals for after-school care programs will also be provided at no charge. All COVID-19 safety precautions will continue to be in effect during this time as well.


Does my child qualify for Meal Benefits?

Students can qualify to receive free or reduced daily meals (breakfast and lunch “Classroom Meals” or “Meals-to-Go”) through either of two paths:

1. CEP: Attend one of the 36 LPSS schools (see list below) which are automatically qualified through the CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) Program. All students enrolled at these schools are eligible to receive free meals and do not need to apply for Meal Benefits.

2. Non-CEP: Apply for traditional Meal Benefits for 2020-21 either online via MySchool Apps, or via application forms available at non-CEP schools, or the Child Nutrition Office. Only one application is needed per household, even if students attend multiple schools.
Eligibility: All children in households receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Food Distribution Program on an Indian Reservation, or families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), can get free meal benefits regardless of their income. Also, children living in a household that has a gross income within the specified range for the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines are eligible to receive meal benefits.

Households that do not qualify for meal benefits can pay for meals online or by check made payable to the student’s school cafeteria. To minimize contact during the pandemic, cash will not be accepted at the school site.

***Lafayette Online Academy students’ eligibility is derived from the student’s base school, which can be confirmed in the Parent Portal. If LOA is listed as the base school, please note that LOA is a Non-CEP school, meaning parents must apply for Meal Benefits.

Which LPSS schools automatically provide free Meal Benefits to all students via CEP?

CEP Schools
Acadian Middle School
Acadiana High School
Dr. Raphael Baranco Elementary School
Alice Boucher Elementary School
L. J. Alleman Middle School
Paul Breaux Middle School
Broussard Middle School
Charles Burke Elementary School
Carencro Heights Elementary School
Carencro Middle School
Carencro High School
Ovey Comeaux High School
Katharine Drexel Elementary School
Duson Elementary School
Evangeline Elementary School
J. W. Faulk Elementary School
Ernest Gallet Elementary School
J. Wallace James Elementary School
L. Leo Judice Elementary School
Judice Middle School
Lafayette Middle School
Lerosen Preparatory School
Green T. Lindon Elementary School
Live Oak Elementary School
Edgar Martin Middle School
Cpl. Michael Middlebrook Elementary School
S. J. Montgomery Elementary School
Myrtle Place Elementary School
Northside High School
Ossun Elementary School
Prairie Elementary School
Ridge Elementary School
Scott Middle School
Truman Early Childhood Education Center
Westside Elementary School
Woodvale Elementary School


Which LPSS schools require parents to apply for free or reduced meal benefits (Non-CEP)?

Non-CEP Schools
Martial F. Billeaud Elementary School
Broadmoor Elementary School
David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy
Early College Academy
Lafayette High School
Lafayette Online Academy
Milton Elementary/Middle School
E. J. Sam Accelerated School of Lafayette
Southside High School
Youngsville Middle School

Questions and concerns regarding eligibility for either type of Meal Benefit Program can be directed to the Meal Benefits Coordinator at 337-521-7375 or

2020-2021 Meal Benefits Documents:



Online Meal Payment

Click here to view account balance, add funds or pay for meals. The pricing below applies to both Classroom Meals and Meals-to-Go; payment (using MySchoolBucks) works the same for both kinds of meals.

Meal Pricing


Meal Payments & Prices: Please visit this page for more information on meal payments.



Disclaimer: The following applies to Phase 2 Hybrid (A/B) blended learning. If the district shifts to either distance learning or traditional in-person learning, details of meal offerings may change as well.

Purchase/ordering of Meals-to-Go is optional and requires on-time order submission and weekly drive-thru pickup. Due to the large number of meals that will be distributed each week during a 1-hour window at each school, no exceptions will be made to these policies.

Who is eligible to order/pickup Meals-to-Go?

● Students attending school in-person (Grades 6-12): Middle/high school students can opt to receive Meals-to-Go for school days they are not on school campus. (They will receive classroom meals on alternating days)

● Students attending school in-person (Grades K-5): Elementary students are eligible to order/pick up Meals to Go, but only until they return to full-time in-person instruction. (At that time they will receive daily classroom meals.)

● Students attending LOA (Grades K-12): LOA students are eligible to order Meals-to-Go for a full week of meals each week.

How do students/families obtain weekly Meals-to-Go?

To receive a weekly supply of Meals-to-Go for eligible students in a household, families must submit an order form and pick up meals during the prior week. Specifically, order forms are due each week by midnight on Wednesday for online ordering or by 9:00 a.m. Thursday if using paper order forms. Pickup is on Fridays.

● Ordering Meals-to-Go Online Form: Fill out the online form linked here with student(s) name and ID numbers, team (A/B/V/Z) and desired school for pickup location. You will receive an email confirmation that will enable drive-thru meal(s) pick-up on Friday.

● Ordering Meals-to-Go Via Paper Form: Download and print the pdf form at home, or obtain a printed copy from an LPSS school. Completed forms should be turned in to homeroom teachers no later than 9:00 a.m. Thursday (beginning Sept. 10). Meals will be available for pickup as ordered on Friday.

Wednesday: Online orders due by midnight

Thursday: Paper orders due by 9 a.m.

Friday: Pick Up Meals-To-Go Orders

Parents may choose any convenient LPSS school for pickup, and they can opt to have someone else retrieve the meals if needed (using confirmation email) Upon submitting an order, parents will receive email confirmation (please check your spam folder if it does not arrive). Please see Pickup Options below for more info.

Please note: Weekly meal orders are not menu selections (menus are available here). They are requests for the full number of meals the student is eligible for that week. This is automatically calculated by the system depending on the student’s team (2 or 3 for A/B, 5 for LOA, etc.). In order to provide meals in this manner to the many students of the district, no customization or alterations can be made through this process.

For help or questions with Meals-to-Go ordering or pick up, please contact Celeste Finney at or visit our Meals-to-Go FAQs.

Special Dietary Needs Form: Diet Prescription for Meals At School 2020-2021 Form

Pickup Options
Meals for the upcoming week (breakfast and lunch for non-classroom days) can be picked up each Friday. (All household meals are picked up via drive-thru from an LPSS school.) Pickup time will depend on the school selected on the order form:
● Elementary Schools: Fridays from 9-10 am
● Middle Schools: Fridays from 1-2 pm
● High Schools: Fridays from 12-1 pm

Please note:  Parents/guardians picking up meals are asked to remain in their vehicle and present their confirmation email as a receipt. There is only a 60-minute window in which to distribute meals at each school, so we ask that the person picking up have their confirmation email ready to show staff to retrieve the meals. We thank you for your cooperation during these unusual times!

Please contact the Cafeteria Manager with any questions/problems regarding meals pickup.


2020-21 Meals FAQs:

Q: Can someone else pick up my student’s Meals-to-Go order on my behalf? How?
A: Yes, all that’s needed is the confirmation email.

Q: Can my student pick up the meals himself/herself while at school on Friday?
A: Unfortunately, with the additional precautions in place regarding student movement and congregation, we cannot offer a student-pickup option at this time.

Q: What happens if parents forget to place an order for weekly Meals-to-Go? Or accidentally leaves a student off their order?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide meals for students without a timely, submitted Meals-to-Go order.

Q: What happens if the district moves to Phase 1 distance-learning model?
A: If this occurs, Meals-to-Go will become the default meal service option for all students. More information will be shared if that circumstance appears likely.

Q: I was unable to pick up the meals I ordered. Can I get a refund? Or reschedule pick up for another date/time?
A: Meal charges are not incurred until they are picked up. No rescheduling of pickup is possible for 2020-21.

Q: I submitted an order but no longer want to pick up food, what should I do?
A: Please contact your child’s cafeteria to cancel your order as soon as possible.

Q: My child is in Team Z . How does that affect meal service?
A: K-5 students will begin the school year on an A/B schedule, which means during that time they will be eligible to order Meals-to-Go. But once they transition to full-time classroom attendance, they will receive Classroom Meals only.

Q: My student has special dietary needs. Can Meals-to-Go accommodate those needs?
A: Yes. Please submit the required form: Diet Prescription for Meals At School 2020-2021 Form

Q: Where do I go at a particular school for drive-thru pickup of meals on Fridays?
A: Generally, pickup will happen via the main driveway/vehicle entrance at each school. But please contact the specific school if you have questions about the drive-thru/pickup procedure or location for that campus.