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The Rules

Application Timelines   
Applications will be available online and at every School of Choice no later than the day of the School of Choice Festival.

Although applications will be accepted as early as that day, early application will not affect admission to a School of Choice. A lottery will be conducted to determine placement in Schools of Choice and, if applicable, position on the waiting list. The deadline to apply is the third Monday in January.

The lottery will be conducted on the third Monday of February. Parents will be notified of the outcome of the lottery by mail no later than the first day of March.

Application Guidelines
There are no special performance standards or test scores required for admission to Schools of Choice. (Admission to the Northside Engineering Academy and the High School Arts Academy are the exception; please see these schools' descriptions).

Acceptance at a School of Choice is limited only by space and ethnic balance in the chosen school, which is governed by the Desegregation Plan ordered by the U.S. District Court.

Lottery Process
Students who have priority in the assignment process due to siblings, program continuity and diversity will be given first choice to enroll in a School of Choice. The remaining spaces will be assigned by the Choice lottery. The lottery is a computerized program that randomly selects students.

Assignment Process 
If your child is accepted to the School of Choice to which he applies, he will be assigned to that school. If your child is not accepted to the School of Choice, or if he is placed on a waiting list, he will be assigned to the school for which his home address is zoned. Once parents are notified that their child was not accepted, they must register their child at their home zone school.

School and Program Capacity
The Lafayette Parish School System has policies regarding class size. These policies must be followed in Schools of Choice, and will determine school and program capacity at each Choice program.