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Harry E. Toll

Harry E. Toll, the son of Samuel E. Toll and Esther Elliot, remained a bachelor until his death. He was Superintendent of Education in 1889. In his 1889 report to the Association of Schools Superintendents, Toll wrote that Lafayette Parish had 18 schools, 3 of which were closed for want of competent teachers. Five hundred fifty pupils were enrolled in the public schools. In 1891, Lafayette High School was established, the school to be built from subscriptions. In Feb. 1894, the high school building was accepted by the Board. At that time, there were 20 schools and 23 teachers with a total enrollment of 1,245 in the schools of the parish.

In 1896, Toll was elected President of the State Convention of Parish School Superintendents. During his tenure as Superintendent he resided in Carencro, LA. At one time, he taught in a one room school over a grocery store, and is also believed to have been in the lumber business in Carencro.

He left Carencro some time after 1913 and moved to Lake Arthur. There, he served as Justice of the Peace and was also in the bakery business.

Toll died Feb. 13, 1932 in Lake Arthur and was buried in New Orleans.

At the time of Toll's appointment, Dr. J.D. Trahan was President of the School Board. In Oct. 1889, O.C. Mouton was elected President and served until Jul. 1890 when he resigned. Dr. J. P. Francez was elected President pro term and served until Sept. when Julian Mouton was elected as President. In 1891, J.O. Broussard was elected President of the School Board and served for the rest of Toll's tenure as Superintendent.