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High School Course Guide  :  Courses General Electives

Teacher Cadet Program (STAR I)    Grades:  11-12
958084    a.m.    Credit:  1
959084    p.m.    Credit:  1
The goal of the Teacher Cadet Program (STAR-I) is to encourage academically able students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career.  Realistically, not every student in the STAR Program will become a teacher; therefore, an important secondary goal of the program is to provide these talented students who will be future community leaders, with insights about teachers and schools so that they will be advocates of education.  The rigorous course contains lecture, discover, discussion, role playing, debate and observation activities in order to expose and educate students on different methods of teaching.  The students will be involved in observation and field experiences within classes at all grade levels as well as special education.   Pre-requisite: Teacher recommendation.  STAR I is a pre-requisite for STAR II.

Sheriff’s Career Academy    Grades:  11-12
930104        Credit:  1
The Sheriff’s Career Academy is a one-hour credit course for juniors and seniors interested in a career in law enforcement.  The course is a 9th period class held two days per week from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office of Community Training Center.  The curriculum consists of hands-on experience in criminal justice, community policing, investigation, crime prevention, patrol activities, and defensive tactics.  Offered through all high schools.

Leadership        Grades:  9-12
930154        Credit: .5
930155    Honors    Credit: 1
This course builds on the elements of character education in regards to leadership styles, conflict resolution, problem solving, time management, and organizational skills.  Students will also develop the necessary skills to become effective communicators both in the oral and written forms.

Teen Leadership I    Grades:  10-12
930204        Credit:  .5
Teen Leadership I is a program in which students develop leadership, professional, business, public speaking and communication skills.  They acquire an understanding of emotional intelligence and the skills it measures, which include self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, and social skills.  Students learn the principles of a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships and personal responsibility.

Teen Leadership II    Grades:  10-12
930214        Credit:  .5
Teen Leadership II provides students with an understanding of the concept of principle-based decision making, responsible financial decisions, and acquire problem solving skills (which focus on the effects of and skills to counter-effect peer pressure).  Students develop an understanding of principles of parenting, enabling them to become better family members and citizens while also cultivating the need for vision in goal setting, personally and professionally.

Peer Leadership I (Elective)    Grades:  11-12
930344        Credit:  1
930354        Credit:  .5
Peer Leadership provides an opportunity for a student to work with other students, at the same school or assisting at an elementary or middle school.  Instruction will occur to provide guidance in developing leadership skills, such as decision-making, problem-solving and organizational skills.  Students will be trained in peer mediation and conflict resolution.  Students will act as peer tutors, mentors and mediators.  If students are placed at an elementary/middle school setting, they must provide their own transportation and parental permission must be given.

Career Academy Summer Internship I    Grades:  11-12
930504        Credit:  1
--course description--

Dynamics of Effective Study I — (Revised content with focus on grade level NRT and CRT test preparation)
930704    Grades:  9-12    Credit:  .5
Must be paired with Dynamics of Effective Study II.
    DE-1    9-10    11-12
    DE-II    11-12    9-10

Dynamics of Effective Study II — (Revised content with focus on grade level NRT and CRT test preparation)
930714    Grades:  9-12    Credit:  .5
Must be paired with Dynamics of Effective Study I.
(*Note:  For scheduling purposes Dynamics of Effective Study I should enroll freshmen and sophomores in the fall; Dynamics of Effective Study II should enroll juniors and seniors in the fall.  One course will focus on test preparation for mathematics and science, the other for language arts and reading in the content areas.  Both I and II should be placed at the same instructional period on the Master Schedule to allow for student exchange at mid-term.)  Each Dynamics of Effective Study (I and II) is a semester course designed to provide students with information that will specifically prepare them for standardized testing appropriate to their grade levels.  These tests include IOWA/ACT/PSAT/SAT.  While one course will target language arts and reading in the content areas, the other will target math and science in test preparation.  Additionally, the courses will help students to become effective and well-organized learners through study of such topics as time management, vocabulary development, reference skills, and general test-taking skills.  Dynamics of Effective Study I and II may be taught as a seventh hour elective.