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Paul Broussard

Paul Broussard

Paul Broussard, the son of Emedis Broussard and Olympe Picard, was born Nov. 9, 1912 in Youngsville, LA.  He and his wife Helen had no children.

After graduating from Youngsville High School, Broussard attended the University Southwestern Louisiana until 1934 when he became teacher and principal at the Verot School for one year.  He then taught at Judice High School and continued to attend the University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1937.  That year, he went to Youngsville High School where he was coach and Assistant Principal.  In 1943, he entered the United States Army where he taught and served as Personal Affairs Counselor.  In 1946, he returned to Youngsville High School as Principal and remained there until 1958.  In 1958, he went to Carencro High School as Principal and served until 1965. 

In 1965, Broussard was appointed Assistant Superintendent of the Lafayette Parish Schools and served in that capacity until he was officially appointed Superintendent on Oct. 20, 1972, when he succeeded Delana as Superintendent.  Broussard retired in 1973.

He was active in numerous educational organizations.  Among the offices he held were:  President of the Lafayette Parish Teacher Association, President of the Lafayette Principals Association, and President of Phi Delta Kappa.

Broussard died on Jan. 26, 1995 in Lafayette.

George Dupuis, Sr. was President of the School Board during Broussard's tenure as Superintendent.