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K-12 Social Studies

Laura Moreau, Social Studies Program Manager

Louisiana Department of Education Resources

Social Studies Resources-

Social Studies Curriculum Resources     K-5     |   6-8     |   9-12   


Grades K-5           Kindergarten   |  First   |  Second   |  Third  |  Fourth   |  Fifth


Kindergarten Standards


First Grade

First Grade Standards


Second Grade

Second Grade Standards


Third Grade

Third Grade 2020–2021 Curriculum Map

Third Grade Standards

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade 2020–2021 Curriculum Map

Fourth Grade Standards

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade 2020–2021 Curriculum Map

Fifth Grade Standards





Grades 6-8                  Sixth    |   Seventh    |   Eighth

Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade 2020–2021 World History Curriculum Map

Sixth Grade Standards



Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade 2020–2021 American History Curriculum Map

Seventh Grade Standards


Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade 2020–2021 Louisiana History Curriculum Map

Eighth Grade Standards



Grades 9-12 


World Geography

World Geography 2020–2021 Curriculum Map

World Geography Standards 



Civics 2020–2021 Curriculum Map

Civics Standards


US History

US History 2020–2021 Curriculum Map

US History Standards


World History

World History 2020–2021 Curriculum Map

World History Standards



Psychology Curriculum Map 2020-2021


Law Studies

Law Studies Curriculum Map 2020-2021