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Hospital or Homebound is an exceptionality for a student enrolled in regular education who, as a result of physical illness, accident, emotional crisis or the treatment thereof, is not able to be moved from the hospital or home environment for the provision of regular educational services for at least 15 operational days.
Hospital/Homebound is also an alternative setting of the provision of special education services to children evaluated as exceptional according to Bulletin 1508 and when specified as a placement in the student’s IEP.
A regular education student is eligible to be a hospital or homebound student if the following criteria are met:
There is certification by a physician that the student is expected to be at or hospitalized for at least 15 operational days and will be able to participate in and benefit from an instructional program.
The student is under constant medical care for illness or injury which is acute or catastrophic in nature, or a chronic physical condition which as acute phases and which requires homebound instruction during the acute phases.  If the student is pregnant, a medical evaluation must verify that there are complications in the pregnancy or recovery which could be detrimental to the health of the student.


It is not necessary for a student to miss 15 days before calling the coordinator.  If you, the doctor, or the parent suspect a student will be in nonattendance for an extended time, call the coordinator of  hospital/homebound immediately.  Students who miss excessive numbers of days due to chronic illness or for any medical reason, should be referred to hospital/homebound.

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