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Hey Parents!
Here are some cool links that are safe for your child.

Parents: The State is offering online live tutors on from 2 pm to 10 pm Sundays through Thursdays from home or on a library computer.

 Click here to view the Comprehensive Curriculum for your child's grade level.

Louisiana Pass       

Newton's Classroom is a program to help your student prepare for the LEAP and iLEAP test.

  Early Readers

 Vocabulary Games All things dealing with vocabulary: including rhyming words, homophones, oxymorons, syllables, and word play
 Sesame Workshop Sesame Website: includes all information about the show plus games and silly stories
 StarfallFor early readers: includes A B C help, learning to read assistance, and fun reading games

  1st and 2nd Grade Reading 

 Short vowel Language activities: including practice matching pictures to words 
 What's the Word?Funbrain Reading and Vocabulary games
 Consonant blends Letter Blends: games practicing phonics 
 Word Blender Phonic games 
 PBS Super Why 

Reading games, Word Power, and Phonics games 

 Older Readers

 Welcome to Seussville

All things Doctor Seuss: includes games, books and a biography of the author. 

 Kids ReadsDealing with different stories: including trivia and games 
Magic Tree House Books Website About the book series: includes games, news, and activities 
Fun BrainReading Activities: including Mad Libs, and activities relating to book series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Scholastic  Book catalog orders and student activities                       Biographies                           


Educational Powerpoints:

Good Research Sites:

Story books online:

This site has something for everyone in every subject!

All about Louisiana!

Fun Grammar sites:                       

Homograph game 1Words that have more than one meaning lesson then practice

Homograph game 2: Same spelling, different meaning words practice

Homophone game 1: Practice with words that sound the same but have different spellings and meaning

Homophone Quiz: Computer Quiz on Homophones

Poetry sites:
Funny Poems                                        Other Poems

Science Links:
Nasa Kids - Click on "Current Moon Phase" for a calendar with pictures of the moon on specific dates, or click on "Autumn's Moon" for a graphic of the view from space of different moon phases. 

Edible soil horizon - make a tasty treat, learn about soil!

Experiment - Is soil a good water filter?

Rock Hounds - Discover how rocks are formed!

Earth Floor - the story of rock

Kidzone - the story of the water cycle

Drippy the Raindrop - explains steps in water cycle

To check out the weather click here

Social Studies Links:
Ben's Guide - Kid-friendly site from the U.S. Government explaining rules, laws, and our government.  Has different "sections" for different grade levels.

Misc. Links
Online Etch-A-Sketch - Just like the original!

Funschool - games and activities for all grade levels in all subjects.

Yahooligans - Kid friendly search engine

Online Basic Skills Games:

More Cool Kid Links:

Lafayette Public Library

 Children's Portal America's Library
 National Geographic Kids Prongo Kids' Fun Weekly Reader
 Funschool Fact Monster Almanac FunBrain
 The Space Place I Know That Wacky Web Tales
 Dragonfly Puzzles Astronomy For Kids
 National Zoo Growing with Technology Dr. Seuss
 Starchild Astronomers Starfall ReadingPrimary Games
 Cool Math Goosebumps Books