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Career Academies  :  Computers for Louisiana's Kids

Computers for Louisiana's Kids (CLK-IT)
Charter High School
516 E. Pinhook Street
Lafayette, LA

ComputerAn expansion of our Computers for Louisiana Kids (CLK) program, which focuses on new age requirements for state and national certification areas in technology.  This expanded version, Computers for Louisiana's Kids with Informational Technology (CLK-IT), involves not only repair and recycling but a host of related courses, which include:  Computer Maintenance and Upgrade, Troubleshooting, Applications, Investigating Computers, Computer Programming, Aided Publishing, Web Page Design, ITCS Employability Skills, ITC9A+ Certification Test Prep, IM1 Digital Sound, IM2 Digital Photography, and IM3 Multimedia Production.

The ultimate vision is to provide the students of the district with a choice which has the same or greater cachet than those being offered at the traditional high schools.  You will also be able to receive a one hour credit towards graduation requirements.