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S.J. Montgomery

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Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Counselor: Pam Simon

3rd-5th Grade Counselor: Jenny Andrepont

School phone number: 521-7750    

Fax number: 521-7751


Each counselor has a minimum of a Master’s Degree
and is state certified in Guidance and Counseling.

Services Provided:

Individual Counseling is a personal and private meeting between a counselor and student where feelings, ideas, and behaviors can be discussed.

Small Group Counseling involves two to eight participants who discuss common issues and concerns.  Group members share ideas and receive feedback.


Group Guidance is a classroom lesson developed and presented by the school counselor.


Parental Support provides parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress, abilities, growth, and development.


How does a child get to see the counselor?

  • The student may request to go to the counselor’s office.
  • The teacher or principal may fill out a counselor referral.
  • Mom or Dad can request counseling services.


Let’s work together for the SUCCESS of our children!