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Thibodaux Career and Technical High School

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Uniform Grading Policy


DTSMA Test Recovery Policy

Any student who earns a grade of 74% or below on a test will have the opportunity to retake the test within two weeks from the date the test was returned to the class.  (This two week policy is only for students who are retaking a test and NOT for students who were absent or missed taking the initial test for any other reason.  LPSS policy, which is a five day period beginning upon the date of return, will be followed for those circumstances.)  The student will need to make arrangements to stay after school to retake the test.  A maximum grade of 75%, which will replace the initial test grade, will be allowed on the retake.  It is recommended that the student go to tutoring, conference with the teacher, or complete test corrections prior to the retake.

DTSMA Test Recording Policy

Teachers will record the initial grade as normal.  A second column for this test will be created specifically for retakes.  If a child has a retake grade, the new grade will be placed in the test retake column.  The grade in the initial test column will be replaced with an E.

DTSMA Missing Grades Policy

In the event that a student is absent, an "X" should be placed as a filler for the missing grade until the test is made up.  This "X" will also be placed for missing assignments.  "I"s will no longer be used in the grade book.