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Is your child or student a candidate for the Talented Program?

If you notice several of the criteria listed below in one of your students or children, and you think they would benefit from Talented Program services, please contact your school’s Health and Wellness Committee (for more information, screening materials and deadline dates).

The Characteristics Sampler

A student may be talented in MUSIC if he/she:

•    shows exceptional advanced ability in music
•    shows intense appreciation of music
•    can play a musical instrument proficiently
•    displays unique originality in singing or playing an instrument
•    can demonstrate feelings or emotions through music
•    perceives fine differences in sound
•    easily remembers melodies and can reproduce them accurately
•    is sensitive to and can identify rhythmic patterns and repeat them
•    makes up original tunes
•    sings on pitch
•    sustains interest in musical activities and performances

A student may be talented in THEATRE if he/she:

•    always volunteers to help
•    successfully mimics others, television show characters, etc.
•    loves to perform
•    animates facial gestures/body gestures
•    easily tells detailed stories with characterization
•    has no fear in speaking publicly
•    expresses exceptional ideas with creativity

A student may be talented in VISUAL ART if he/she:

•    uses elaborate detail when drawing
•    volunteers to draw things for class
•    is asked by other students to draw images for them
•    independently spends free time drawing
•    draws or doodles constantly, perhaps when he/she should be doing 
     something else
•    takes pride in their outstanding drawing abilities
•    shows exceptional abilities in identifying a variety of lines, shapes, textures,
•    is extremely eager to work with new materials and attempts to master them
•    creatively improvises with common materials
•    is highly critical of their artwork and can assess its strengths and