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Frequently Asked Questions about the Talented Program


What is the Talented Program?

The Lafayette Parish Talented Program offers services to over 600 students in grades K-12 who have been identified as having special learning needs due to exceptionally high artistic skills in music, theatre or visual art. To qualify for Talented Program services, students are referred for screening and evaluation. Referrals can be made by either teachers or parents who have evidence of the child’s exceptional artistic abilities (see the “How To Apply” page for an overview of the application process).

Can a student receive Talented Program services in more than one artistic discipline?

Yes, a student can receive services in any or all of the art forms as long as they meet the required screening and evaluation criteria for each discipline (music, theatre, visual art).

When do students receive Talented Program services?

Once a student is eligible to receive Talented Program Services they may remain active in the program until they graduate from high school. During the academic school year, the student meets with their Talented teacher according to their IEP (Individualized Education Plan) to receive direct instruction in their specific art form(s). Talented teachers schedule and pull students from classes that are outside of the student’s core curriculum.

Who provides Talented instruction?

Talented teachers are professional artists who have special State of Louisiana certification based on their expertise in their field (talented music, talented theatre or talented visual art). Talented faculty are itinerant teachers who provide individualized Talented instruction.

How does Talented Program instruction differ from the student’s art/music/theatre classes in their school?

Talented instruction is a specialized enrichment class, not a duplication of the general curriculum in these areas.  The emphasis in the Talented Program is to address the student’s individual strengths and interests. The professional Talented Program teachers are mentors for those  identified students who receive additional acceleration or enrichment based on their exceptional abilities and needs.  

How can general education teachers support their talented students?  

Support from a child’s general education teacher might mean the difference between a student’s talent flourishing and one that is suppressed. General education teachers can minimize disruption to the presentation of their curriculum by: providing a duplicate set of notes, communicating upcoming units to the talented teachers so the learning topics might reinforce concepts in their classroom, providing input on the student’s next IEP, and taking the opportunity to support their student’s strengths in the arts as they do in academics.