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Data Director

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Lafayette Parish School System has invested in Data Director as a tool to help facilitate the process of using regular assessments to evaluate student mastery of skills. Data Director is an innovative online data and assessment management system. Our Academics Department creates assessments in Data Director using an item bank aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These assessments are available in a paper-based format and can be configured for online administration. Data Director transforms assessment data into powerful reports for teachers. The system is equipped with several pre-built reports using a variety student performance analyses. The timely feedback from reports empowers teachers to use data for instructional decision-making.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Director? 
Data Director is a web-based assessment system which allows the user to create and administer standards-based assessments. Lafayette Parish School System uses an item bank aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to construct tests. Data Director is also a data management system with the capacity to store student, school, and district-level assessment and demographic data

Why did LPSS choose Data Director?
LPSS invested in Data Director as a tool to help facilitate the process of administering regular assessments and to evaluate students’ mastery of skills.  Data Director also provides the convenience of a one-stop location for teachers to access their students’ educational portfolio.

How will teachers use Data Director?
Teachers will use Data Director to administer regular assessments in a paper-based or web-based fashion and get instant feedback on student performance. Teachers may also find several reporting options helpful in analyzing data for instructional decision-making.

Can I choose which test(s) to administer to my students?
No. Teachers must administer the district assessments for the grades and/or subjects assigned.

Am I allowed to modify tests to meet my students’ academic needs?
Modifications are not allowed; however, a student’s regular accommodations should be provided. All content-related concerns should be reported to the appropriate staff person in the Academics Department.


Can I administer tests online?
Yes. Most tests are configured for online administration. Schools must be able to provide the technology to support online administration. The same testing window for paper-based assessments applies to online test administration.


Is the Brother Scanner compatible to Data Director answer documents?
Yes.  The Brother Scanner previously used to score Edusoft tests may also be used to scan answer documents from Data Director.


What should I do if my rosters are not correct in Data Director?
Rosters in Data Director are powered by a file export from Webpams. Teacher rosters, grade-level/subject assignments and schedules should reflect what is shown in Webpams. Always check Webpams before reporting errors in Data Director.


Can I make changes to my rosters in Data Director?
No. Manual changes are not allowed. Only the changes made in Webpams will be reflected in Data Director.


Where can I get assistance with Data Director?
You should contact the Data Director Facilitator, Karen Sheppard, at , use email support at  or contact the Riverside Company toll-free at 877-933-2633.



Contact Us

For assistance with Data Director, contact

Karen C. Sheppard
District Facilitator