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Q. What is my current grade in the course?

A. The “Overall” grade is your current grade for the course. Once a course is completed, your “Overall” grade becomes your final grade.


Q. My progress bar is red. What does this mean?

A. A RED progress bar means that you are currently behind in your course. You will need to complete at least 3 sections and the corresponding quizzes until you are on track. When a student falls behind in a course, he or she may be required to complete additional sections daily to complete their eCampus course by the established deadline. Contact your Online Coach immediately for a more precise recommendation.


Q. I am behind in my course, what should I do?

A. Log in and immediately begin working on your course. Contact your Online Coach.


Q. My course cannot be accessed.

A. Call the eCampus lab @ 521-7047 or contact your Online Coach .


Q. My password does not work?

A. If your password is rejected by Edgenuity (, contact the eCampus Lab or your Online Coach .


Q. Can I do more than 2 quizzes per day?

A. Yes. Your course is self-paced and can be accessed at any time. You are only stopped by the need to take Topic Tests which must be taken with a facilitator at eCampus or your school testing site.


Q. How can I monitor my child’s progress?

A. Your child’s progress can be viewed at any time by visiting the eCampus Family Portal . If this is your first visit to the portal, an access code will be needed. Your access code is located in your child’s initial orientation documents. Follow the instructions on the linked PDF. To better understand your child’s progress, please download the Understanding your Child’s Progress Report Guide.


Q. I need help writing an essay.

A. Please contact Our full-time English Language Arts teacher. You will also find this eWriting Guide to be extremely helpful.