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Solutions for Home Study Students

eCampus Virtual Learning Program

eCampus can provide your child with rigorous, district approved courses that are accessible at any time, from any location with an internet connection. Best of all, there are no books to buy and all eCampus courses are FREE!

eCampus enables students in grades 9-12 to earn all Carnegie units in a flexible virtual learning environment. Graduates earn a state approved high school diploma upon completion of the program. eCampus maintains a full-time counselor who will carefully guide your child through their virtual learning diploma track. Full time course enrollment is required as determined by a student’s selected graduation track. Louisiana Department of Education Bulletin 741 Distance Education (§2326) governs course and attendance requirements.

Our Virtual Courses

Courses are instructed by highly qualified, certified teachers in an online environment using the EDgenuity courseware system. EDgenuity is an advanced virtual learning system which uses interactive technology, simulations, and video-based presentations to deliver lessons and online activities. Once enrolled, district specialists will design a program of study that will meet students' individual learning styles.


Student and Family Support

To compliment virtual instruction, eCampus provides comprehensive support to students by retaining a team of highly qualified teachers and Online Coaches who maintain ongoing communication with students through face-to-face contact and phone calls. Our dedicated team of Online Coaches and teachers also utilize email and captured chat sessions conveniently contained within their courses to communicate with students. Progress is closely monitored by our Coaches through activities, benchmark testing and cumulative exams. To increase flexibility, courses are easily accessible via tablet computers and smartphones. Parents have the ability to monitor their child's progress by visiting our Family Portal.

Learn more about the eCampus Full Virtual program by calling at 337.521-7047. Or you may submit an online request for information by clicking here.

Program availability is limited and based upon the extent of enrollment.