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Program Guidelines

The Lafayette Parish School system governs the eCampus program. For that reason, students must abide by policy established in the LPSS Student Handbook

Students must report to their base (zone) school to complete all statewide high-stakes testing (EOC, ACT, etc.)

Students who elect to take regularly scheduled EDgenuity assessments at their base school must report in school uniform to the front office and sign in and out to document their campus visit.  Click here to view the student handbook for approved school uniforms.

Students who wish to participate in college athletics or who are eligible for possible college athletic scholarships will need to confirm course acceptance with university officials.  

If at any time it is determined that a student is not making sufficient academic progress, the eCampus administrator or designee may intervene. If a student does not demonstrate progress in a timely manner or violates guidelines and/or policies established by the Lafayette Parish School System, he or she may be removed from the program at the discretion of the school district.

To remain enrolled in the eCampus program, a Full Virtual student must earn a minimum of 5 Carnegie Units within an academic school year.

Bulletin 741 Distance Education (§2326) and the Lafayette Parish School System Pupil Progression Plan govern eCampus attendance and reporting requirements. 

Program availability is limited and based upon the extent of enrollment at any given time.