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Glossary of Acadian Middle Terms


Behavior Chart - A systematic way of monitoring and collecting data on behavior.  Often charts are carried by students from teacher to teacher and scored throughout the day.  Data from the chart is monitored and tracked in Review 360.

BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) - An intervention plan designed for students who struggle with managing their behavior.  The plan outlines problematic and target behaviors, function of behavior,  behavioral goals, interventions, and monitoring system.

Care Bus - A bus staffed with medical professionals that comes to campus every other Wednesday.  The Care Bus offers free medical care to all students and staff.  A student must have a release signed by their parents in order to visit the care bus.  This release may be obtained from the school nurse.

Cougar Coin - Wooden coins given to students by staff members of AMS for positive behavior.  Cougar coins are part of AMS PBIS.

Cougar Coin Day - A designated day on which students may use Cougar Coins during P.E. class  to purchase a specific item. (ex. Rice Krispy Treats)  

Cougar Store Day - A designated day on which students may use Cougar Coins during P.E. class to purchase various items sold at the PBIS store.

FBA (Functional Behavior Analysis) - a systematic way of examining behavioral patterns to determine the reason or cause of the behavior.  FBAs are informally done at Tier II and formally documented at Tier II.

H&W (Health & Wellness) - A team of teachers, parents, counselors and administrators who meet on a weekly basis to discuss interventions for students struggling academically and/or behaviorally.  Members of the team may change, depending on the needs of the child. (ex. The school nurse may be invited to a meeting to discuss student medical needs.)

Infraction Card - A colored card issued every 4½ weeks to students.  Students are required to carry this card with their ID.  Staff members sign this card for MINOR infractions.   After three signatures, a student is assigned lunch detention. After four signatures, a student receives a major referral.

ISS (In school suspension) -  ISS is used as a discipline consequence.  Students remain on campus and complete academic work in a designated classroom. An assignment to ISS does not count as an absence.

Motto - AMS’ school motto is, "Success is a journey, not a destination."

Project Wisdom - Motivational messages delivered to the students each day during morning announcements


Review 360 - A software program used for tracking behavioral data.

RTI (Response to Intervention) - A program in which students receive extra academic support in their area of weakness.  Students are pulled during their PE and/or elective period.

TLC (The Learning Center) - an out of school suspension site on Moss Prep campus

Unsqueaky Wheel Day - A day on which all students without a major referral (long form writeup) or a lunch detention for the past 4.5 weeks are treated to an extra recess time with snacks and treats.