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            Dr. Cooper received his education at LSU in Baton Rouge with the following degrees:  Bachelor of Science in Biology/Physics;  Master of Education in  Special Education (Emotionally Disturbed); Specialist of Education in Special Education Administration; and a Doctorate of Education in Administration from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado.

            His certification areas are biology, general science, physics and socially maladjusted and emotionally disturbed.  Other areas of certification are Principal, Supervisor of Instruction and City/Parish Local Superintendent.

             Dr. Cooper began his career as an Educational Supervisor at Blundon Home in Baton Rouge, an institution for delinquent and maladjusted children.  He worked as a Supervisor of student teachers at Southern University and LSU, and later returned to the classroom as a teacher at Valley Park Junior High in Baton Rouge.

            He  has worked with the Louisiana State Department of Education as a State Supervisor of Program for the Emotionally Disturbed and Autistic; as a Director in the Bureau of Program Specialists; an Assistant Superintendent in Office of Special Education Services; and Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services.

            Dr. Cooper has worked as a Principal at Southeast Louisiana State Hospital in Mandeville and as an Adjunct Professor at LSU, Southern University, Southeastern University and also at Midwestern University in Wichita Falls, Texas.

            He has served as an Executive Assistant to the Chancellor at LSU, an Executive Director for the National School Health Education Coalition (NaSHEC) in Washington, D.C., and as a Senior Education Program Consultant at Kennedy Institute.

            Dr. Cooper has been a Superintendent in West Feliciana Parish and McComb School District in McComb, Mississippi.

            Prior to becoming the Superintendent of the Lafayette Parish School System, he was the CEO of the Early Childhood and Family Learning Foundation in New Orleans, Louisiana.

            Dr. Cooper  has a saying “Children are waiting”.  He takes it to heart. His goal is to have 100% of  students complete high school with opportunity and hope, a“win-win” for all parts of the community.

            Shelton J. Cobb was President of the School Board at the time of Dr. Cooper’s appointment.