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Child Nutrition Services



School breakfast, school lunch, and school snacks are prepared and served with the highest quality and are available to all students. Program operations for Child Nutrition Services are consistent with state and federal regulations. The policies and procedures reflect the short and long term goals for the program.

The budget, separate from the parish budget, is based upon departmental needs, revenue, and expenditures. Financial management includes ongoing budgetary projections, revisions, and review of financial reports and management indicators.

Human Resources
Child Nutrition Services recruits and hires all staff for the program based on the department's mission statement, overall goals, policies, and procedures. An evaluation system is in place for all employees. Open communication is promoted throughout the department. Participation in outside professional associations are encouraged, promoted, and supported.

Funding Sources
The U. S. Department of Agriculture distributes money to Child Nutrition Services through federal funding from the following sources:

  1. National School Lunch Program
  2. National Breakfast Program
  3. Summer Food Service Program
Additional Funding for Child Nutrition Services:
  1. Meal Sales to Students & Staff
  2. Extra Sales to Students & Staff