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Group Health Benefits

The Group Health Plan of the Lafayette Parish School System is a self-funded plan whose claims are administered by a Third Party Administrator, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. Please see the links below to review the three plan designs and premiums for each.

The Lafayette Parish School System offers three health plans to choose from. Employees may enroll in health plan benefits when hired, at open enrollment or during a "qualifying event" (as defined by the IRS). New employees who join the health plan, within 30 days of hire, will have no pre-existing condition limitations applied.

We now offer a program called Vitals Smart Shopper. This program allows our plan members to shop for medical services by comparing cost prior to the medical service. Members who save the plan money, by choosing a lesser expensive facility, can earn cash rewards. To learn about the Vitals program visit Smart Shopper

Please call Blue Cross Blue Shield Customer Service at 800-363-9150

for specific questions regarding claims and billing



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Compare the PLANS  

Compare the monthly PREMIUMS

Full rate charts: LPSS BCBS Health Plans



Effective July 1, 2019, the Basic and the Enhanced PPO health plans will change. While the monthly premium remains the same, the medical and pharmacy maximum out of pocket amounts will increase. The Enhanced plan PPO has a new medical co-pay if the member sees a  specialist. See the below links for specific details on plan changes.  

* July 2019 Basic PPO Summary Plan Changes

* July 2019 Enhanced PPO Summary Plan Changes     

* July 2019 Enhanced PPO - Co-Pay Explanation

* July 2019 RX Changes - Maximum Out of Pocket

*July 2019 Plan Changes - Basic / Enhanced plan   



LPSS Blue Cross Blue Shield - Comprehensive Plan Documents

PPO Plans   (Basic & Enhanced)

High Deductible Health Plan  


LPSS Blue Cross Blue Shield - Schedule of Benefits

Basic PPO Plan

Enhanced PPO Plan

High Deductible Health Plan


Blue Cross Blue Shield Forms