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Certification & Highly Qualified

Following, you will find common certification & Highly Qualified related questions and their answers.

I am interested in becoming certified to teach - what do I do?
The Department of Education issues teacher certificates.  Information can be found at or The Dept. of Education web page.

I hold a regular/standard teaching certificate from another state - what do I do to get certified in Louisiana?
The appropriate application forms can be found on the DoE website .

What do I do to add an area of certification to my existing certificate?
Many teachers are seeking the answer to this question since the Highly Qualified Requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act were implemented.  The DoE have guidelines to add certification endorsements to an existing Louisiana teaching certificate. You can access them here .

I do not know if I am highly qualified or not. How can I find out?
If you want to know your Highly Qualified status, you can contact Kaylum Vead (337) 521-7061 for a copy of your certificate.

I need to be evaluated for Highly Qualified status. What do I do?
To be evaluated for a specific Highly Qualified status, contact Kaylum Vead (337) 521-7061 for an appointment and bring in all of your official college transcripts.

I just took a passed a Praxis test. What do I do now?
First, determine if the Praxis test will allow you to add a new certification onto your standard teaching certificate. You can do this by contacting the Office of Certification at the Department of Education or by bringing your scores into the Human Resources Department and we will look up the requirements for an add-on endorsement.

Second, your passed praxis test may enable you to become Highly Qualified in that content area. To check, contact Kaylum Vead at (337) 521-7061.