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Schools of Choice 

In an attempt to improve the racial diversity of its schools, and give students a more exciting a fulfilling educational experience, the Lafayette Parish School System offers Schools of Choice at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels.

These schools offer specialized programs or themes which give students the core curriculum required by state guidelines in the context of a subject in which the student has an interest.

All students in the parish are eligible to apply for admission to any School of Choice. Special education students also can apply, but must have their application approved by their IEP committee in order to be eligible for the lottery.

Schools of Choice is a  way to broaden a child’s educational experience. When a child receives his core subjects in the context in which a he is interested, he is more excited about and engaged in his education.

Our High School Academies also give our students a jump start on their careers by offering career-connected programs.  Students who graduate from our academies are ready to continue their education in universities, technical colleges or community colleges, or they may proceed to the world of work.

For more information on the Schools of Choice programs, please visit our site at: