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Special Education

Hours of Operation: 7:30am-4:30pm


207 Town Center Parkway
Lafayette, LA 70503
Suite 200

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Holly Ortego, Director

Special Education Goals and Purposes

  • It shall be the goal of the Lafayette Parish School System to provide full educational opportunities to all disabled children ages 3-21 within its jurisdiction
  • It’s the policy of the Lafayette Parish School System to provide a free appropriate public education to each eligible exceptional child, ages 3-21 residing within its jurisdiction.

Information about Special Education

  • In October of 1990 the Education For All Handicapped Children Act was reauthorized and renamed Individuals with Disabilities Education Act which is now know as IDEA.
  •  Act 754 is Louisiana’s interpretation of IDEA. This law expands educational programs for exceptional children to include ages 3-21 years.
  • A wide range of special education services are available to elementary and secondary school age children. Programs are offered for:

    • Mild Disability
    • Moderate Disability
    • Severe Disability
    • Autism
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Learning Disability
    • Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing
    • Visually Impaired
    • Orthopedic Disability
    • Other Health Impaired
    • Emotional Disability
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Speech Impaired

  • Elementary and secondary programs utilize various organizational structures, including self-contained classes, resource rooms, combination self-contained/resource rooms and itinerant services. Each self-contained class has one teacher and one or more assistants. Placement depends upon the disability and needs of the students.

Special Programs

  • Related services, such as speech therapy, physical therapy, interpreter, audio logical services, counseling, and special transportation are provided to Lafayette Parish students who meet eligibility requirements. In addition, medical needs are supervised by nurses.
  • Adapted physical education (APE) is provided for students exhibiting motor problems who require special, individualized instruction. To receive APE students must meet specific eligibility requirements.
  • In order to receive services through the Lafayette Parish Special Education Department, a child must first be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team to determine which services the child needs and is eligible to receive.