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Truman Early Childhood Education Center


One of the main reasons some students lag behind others in learning and academic achievement is the difference in each student's early childhood experiences. The Lafayette Parish School System's Early Childhood Programs provide students with academic, cultural and artistic experiences that prepare them for the learning environment in kindergarten and beyond.

Through the Truman Early Childhood Education Center and the Pre-K programs at several other schools, children learn self-discipline and how to interact with others, develop language and personal skills, become familiar with math concepts, and participate in hands-on activities. The years between 3 and 6 are not only the prime time for laying an academic foundation, but most importantly the years when a child learns the ground rules of human behavior most easily. These are the years to help a child in preparing to take his/her place in society through the acquisition of good habits and manners.

Truman Early Childhood Education Center is the flagship school of our pre-school program. This campus is entirely populated with four-year-olds, and is the only La4 preschool in the state. At Truman, our preschoolers "rule the roost" and have the opportunity to become comfortable with the school routine in a safe environment. Truman's preschoolers-only student body also means our students can engage in activities whenever they want, without fear of disturbing the work of older students. It also means that Truman is a unique, energy-filled campus where every day is a fun day.

The Early Childhood program at all locations in Lafayette Parish introduces children to the joy of learning at an early age. They are introduced to basic concepts that are expected of all children by kindergarten, taught social skills and exposed to enrichment in the arts.

The goal of the program is to ensure that every child enters school ready to learn, and it's working. Every year, students are tested on their skills before school starts and again after the year is completed. The test scores show that La4 gets students ready for school!

For more information about Truman, call the school at 521-7810. For more information about La4, call 521-7162.

"In the words of the child:

I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand."

-Dr. Maria Montessori